technical support, expertise & advisory

Apart from products and solutions for corrosion protection, “true benefit” for the customers, investors and engineers, are professional advisory and technical support services provided by our company.


We provide professional services at every stage of the project. From early design stage, we advise and assist designers, architects, investors in selecting the most efficient solutions for corrosion protection. During execution stage, we are consulting our customers, fabricators and contractors, on methodology for applications, to ensure that malchem products are used in efficient and safe manner. At the end we provide warranty and post warranty services for the contractors and investors.


Within the customer service standard, we provide professional consulting and supervision services at our customers (at their location, on construction sites, in the factories etc.):


  • Consulting
  • Technical expertise
  • Technical support (application methodologies and process improvements),
  • Trainings and supervision for painters and customer’s technical personnel
  • Warranty & post-warranty services


All services are performed by our technical personnel, certified experts with extensive experience in the domain.


We believe that we provide the best standards for customer service in our industry. 

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manufacturers, contractors and applicators


We strongly recommend to try our products (sample tests available) and see how customer service & technical support works for you – free of charge.

We’ll be happy to visit you and make tests of malchem products together, show to your personnel how to use them efficiently and safely.


designers, engineers, investors and individual clients


We can advise you in choosing the best corrosion protection system for new investments, as well as to carry out professional expertise and provide comprehensive instructions for rehabilitation of existing coatings.

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